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We are excited to offer you Sehgal Law PC’s brand new digital legal services – At Your Fingertips! Unlike other websites that help you generate legal documents, this is the first-of-its-kind to be developed by actual entertainment lawyers and industry players specifically for indie filmmakers and artists.


At Your Fingertips is designed to quickly customize all the agreements and contracts you need to legally protect yourself and your production without going through the trouble, time, or expense of traditionally hiring a lawyer. Making or working in a movie is expensive and time consuming enough, so At Your Fingertips is here to make production itself or employment in a production more accessible and cost-effective. Now you can be legally secure without breaking the bank.


Using our services is very simple – just follow these, easy steps:


  • Choose an individual agreement or one of the three (3) packages - whichever is most appropriate for you and your project. No two film productions are the same, so we offer different levels to give you just what you need:


  • Standard Film Package

  • Premium Film Package

  • Elite Film Package


These documents can be used by indie, non-union, union low-budget, ultra-low budget, student, and short film productions. The Standard Package gets you all the necessary documents to legally protect your film. If you require additional documents or would like to consult with our in-house attorneys, the Premium and Elite Packages are here for you. Plus, you can select individual documents and time with an attorney separately anytime you want.

  • Create an account on our system powered by Rally. Using a user-friendly interface, your account allows you to easily customize and access any documents you create.

  • For each document, fill out the questionnaire to generate the document.


That’s it! It’s that simple. Now you can download, email, print or whatever you like with the documents. It is completely up to you.


Please see our more detailed instructions for a step-by-step guide to using At Your Fingertips powered by Rally. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Sehgal Law PC – (818) 582-2421.

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