For those outside of the “Hollywood bubble,” the life of actors, singers, producers and other entertainers can appear to be carefree and almost magical. Life for entertainers seems like a never-ending fairy tale of red carpet events, expensive dinners with other celebrities and powerful individuals, and expansive mansions filled with the finest furnishings. While some entertainers in California do enjoy a lavish lifestyle, nearly every entertainer, whether seasoned or new to the scene, faces legal hurdles that can jeopardize not only lifestyle but his, her, or their very livelihood. Sehgal Law PC has represented entertainers from various backgrounds and assisted them in the beginning of their careers by setting up their independent businesses, reviewing, negotiating and drafting contracts, to the peak of their careers by resolving the legal disputes they encounter. Sehgal Law PC will provide you with competent and experienced legal advice and representation so that you can focus on advancing your career and honing your craft.

What Sehgal Law PC Can Do for You 

Entertainment law attorneys in California help those in the entertainment industry (artists, producers, directors and others) confront and surmount the legal challenges that threaten to derail their careers or that endanger their sources of income. An entertainment lawyer must be flexible and have a broad base of knowledge, as no two entertainers are in the exact same situation. Because of my experience and knowledge, Sehgal Law PC can assist entertainers with a wide variety of concerns, such as:

  • Contract review and negotiation and breach of contract disputes: Contracts in the entertainment industry are most often written instruments that describe the promises two or more parties agree to perform. This does not mean that each party to a contract is looking out for the wellbeing of the other party or parties. This is why each party to a contract should be represented by knowledgeable counsel that can help them understand what obligations they will be agreeing to undertake and the benefits they can expect to receive. A lawyer can also help the entertainer negotiate a contract that is more beneficial and helps protect their rights. Furthermore, an entertainment law attorney can assist entertainers in obtaining compensation when the other party to a contract breaks its contractual agreements. Finally, an entertainment law attorney may be able to help an entertainer renegotiate a contract that is detrimental to the entertainer while minimizing any potential negative effects.

  • Royalties: Like any other independent contractor or employee, an entertainer is entitled to fair compensation when their work or image is used for entertainment purposes, or to help market other products and services. Refusing to pay entertainers what they are entitled to is not only unprofessional, but it deprives the entertainer of their livelihood. Swift and affirmative legal representation is needed to help entertainers obtain the royalty payments they deserve.

  • Intellectual property: Screenplays, novels, lyrics to a song or any other personal creation needs to be protected against unlawful use, duplication and distribution.  An entertainment law attorney can help ensure your artistic creations are protected so that you alone are able to enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

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Frequently Asked Questions About California Entertainment Law

Is an entertainment law attorney the same as an agent?

No, the two are distinct and separate. An entertainment law attorney looks after the legal rights and interests of her client whereas an agent attempts to find work for the entertainer. Not every entertainer may need an agent, but most individuals in the entertainment industry can benefit from legal counsel. ​​

What compensation can I get in an entertainment law dispute?

​This depends on the nature of your dispute and how you were harmed. For instance, if a production company did not pay you according to the terms of a contract you signed with them, you may be entitled to the amount of money the company failed to pay you. If a business is using your likeness or your artistic creation without your permission, you may be entitled to an injunction directing that the business cease its unlawful activities. ​​

What benefit is there to having my own entertainment law attorney?

Some employers, agents or managers may attempt to persuade you to use their company’s in-house counsel or forego legal representation. In-house counsel, however, is concerned first and foremost with the wellbeing of the business, not you. And it is easy to give up important legal rights during contract negotiations, mediation, or litigation if you are not careful. Employing an entertainment law attorney assures you that an experienced legal professional is there to look after you during the course of your career.