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At Your Fingertips

Why do I need the legal documents offered by At Your Fingertips?

At Your Fingertips documents are developed and suited for anyone working in the film industry. Each document is customized to your particular need and was developed by experienced attornies, agents and managers. Best of all, they are available and customized to your needs instantly! You no longer have to wait the 2-14 days for an attorney to draft the document. In addition to the expedited access to the documents, you are paying a fraction of the average legal fee.

Do I need a legal background to use the documents offered by At Your Fingertips?

No, you do not need a legal background to use At Your Fingertips. Our documents and system (powered by Rally) is designed to allow any user to develop a thorough document suited for their specific needs. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire with as many details as you can provide, and the document is generated instantly! If you are not certain about an answer within the questionnaire, you can always reach out to us on Sehgal Law PC chat and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why does At Your Fingertips specialize in digital services for the film and TV industry? (Aren't all legal documents the same, no matter what business you're in?)

How much does At Your Fingertips cost?

You have the option to choose between individual contracts or package deals. Prices varry between $100-$20,000.00 depending on the type of services that you may require. We do offer additional personalized service at Sehgal Law PC. Please call us at (818) 582-241 to discuss your specific needs.

How does the cost for an At Your Fingertips packages compare to using an attorney for the same documents?

At Your Fingertips allows you development and access to documents at a fraction of the cost and time for a traditional attorney. What may take a traditionally take an attorney days or weeks to provide to you, can be available to you in minutes.

Besides the cost, what are the differences between the three packages offered for production legal documents offered by At Your Fingertips?

What if I can't find the legal document that I'm looking for on At Your Fingertips?

IF you can't find the legal document that you're locking for on At Your Fingertips, please contact us directly at (818) 582-2421 or via our contact from available on the home page of We are happy to assist with any of your legal needs.

Can I speak to a real person if I need help downloading the document?

What if I need something more than just legal documents? Can I speak to a real attorney?

You can always speak to one of the Sehgal Law PC attorneys. You can either schedule directly from our website at any "Contact Us" link, call us directly, or choose a time convenient to you on the At Your Fingertips dashboard.

Does At Your Fingertips plan to offer digital services for other areas of the entertainment industry, such as music and videogames?

At Your Fingertips is expanding into television, music, business, and much, much more!! Please follow our blog and social media to keep an eye out for our advancing platform.