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Intellectual Property

It is not uncommon for many of a business’s most valuable assets to be its intellectual property – the ideas, inventions, creations, and identifying symbols the business creates to market its brand or sell its products. Imagine the financial harm that could result if Coca-Cola’s signature formula for its cola soft drink was illegally divulged and copied by its competitors, or if the famous Apple logo was used by another technology company as a way of increasing that company’s sales. Unfortunately for many business owners, protecting their company’s intellectual property is not a priority. Many may not think to consult with a California intellectual property attorney until after they discover their ideas and inventions have been copied and used by a competitor. By then, it may be too late to prevent the financial harm that often results when a competitor obtains your business’s secrets. Sehgal Law PC is here to help you.

What Sehgal Law PC Can Do for You 

  • Applying for and Registering intellectual property protection: 

    • Trademarks

    • Copyrights

  • Handling Copyright & Trademark Office Actions

It is important to know what intellectual property protection is available for your situation before applying: Attempting to apply for a copyright for an intangible idea, for instance, will waste your time and resources. Not only this, but the application process can be confusing and difficult to complete. I can advise you as to what intellectual property protection is available and appropriate for your situation and assist you in completing the requisite application process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About California Intellectual Property Law

Because of the complexity of intellectual property law, it is common for business owners to have many questions about their legal situation and their rights. Some of these questions might include:

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